Car Loans 

For whatever drives you

If you’ve found your perfect car, we’ll help you find the right car loan with an easy online application process. Comparing your car loan options from Australia’s leading lenders, you’ll get approval usually within 24 hours. We’ll even help you gain pre-approval, so you know your limits when you’re car shopping at a dealer, an auction or a private sale.

We have tailored solutions to meet your needs:

  • We compare car finance options from over 20 of Australia’s best banks and lenders
  • The application process is simple and obligation free
  • Fast approvals and settlements
  • Save money with competitive rates matched to your personal needs

With honest, down to earth advice, Diana will find a car loan that’ll work for you.

The types of car loans you can find

Secured car loans

When opting for a secured car loan you will notice that they generally have a lower interest rate than unsecured loans.

Unsecured car loans

There is no security required for this type of loan as a result, the interest rates are slightly higher.

Business car loans

There’s a few types of business car loans you can get – chattel mortgages, hire purchase, novated leasing or car leasing. With a range of commercial car finance solutions available to you, we’ll show you how to save money for your company with the right loan. So, whether you need a work ute, a company car, or a fleet of cars, we can help you save both time and money sourcing the right finance.

Bad credit car loans

Sometimes in life, things will happen to affect your credit rating – and it may be out of your control. You may have forgotten to pay a credit card, forgotten a bill like your mobile (haven’t we all!), you may have been bankrupt, or you may just be unlucky. Whatever your special circumstance is, we’ll approach our pre-selected lenders on your behalf to see if we can secure you a great car loan.

Low doc car loans

If you’re self-employed or work on a contract basis and don’t have regular payslips. these car loans provide an alternative to having to produce a lot of documents to verify your income. Our providers of low doc car loans have more flexible documentation and income verification requirements allowing you to avoid unnecessary onerous documentation requirements.

Private sale car loans

You may be surprised to know that private car sales are the single biggest market of car sales throughout Australia. However, you may also find that many financial institutions will not provide finance to you if you are purchasing your vehicle from a private seller.  We will handle the entire process, all you need to do is provide the seller’s contact details and let them know you’ll be financing the car and to expect a call from your broker.

Most car loans in Australia are secured by the car that is being purchased but Diana can discuss your personal circumstance to help you choose your best car loan options.

At Cloud 9 Finance, we specialise in car loans and can ensure the process is quick and easy

Car loan FAQs

What is a balloon payment?

To reduce how much you pay on your car loan each month, most lenders can offer you a balloon (or residual) payment. This is a set amount remains once your loan term is completed (e.g. $2,000, $5,000 etc.). You can pay this out or refinance the smaller amount. The more you pay during the loan term, the smaller the balloon payment will be. If your car loan comes with a balloon payment option, we’ll explain the ins and out of your specific payment and what it means for you.

How much can I borrow?

The amount you can borrow will depend on your financial situation and what the lender is willing to offer you. We’ll run through this with you or you can have a play with our loan calculators.

How long does it take to get a car loan approved?

Due to the relationship we have with our preferred lenders, the car loans we apply for are approved almost immediately (or at least within 24 hours).

I don’t have great credit history – can I get a loan?

Life can be tough at times and we work with lenders who understand this. If your credit rating isn’t perfect, let’s see what we can do together to get you into a new car.

I’m self-employed – can I get a loan?

If you can provide proof of your business (or contractor) income, such as bank statements, invoices, accountant letters or BAS statements, we can help you find a car loan to suit.

Can I make extra payments?

Yes, if you’ve secured a loan that allows for this. If that’s part of your finance plan, let us know when we chat so we can make sure your new car loan meets this requirement.

How do I apply for a car loan?

You don’t – we do it for you! We’ll let you know what we need and then you can leave it with us to approach our lenders and secure a car loan for you.

Ready to find the best car loan for you?

Maybe you’re thinking of car shopping over the weekend, or maybe you’ve already found the car you want – that’s cool, we’re ready to chat car loans when you’re ready.