The Power of Purpose

Why we give back

As a heart-centred mortgage broking business, we aim to put others before ourselves. We believe in going out of way to find you the very best deal, we’re also big believers in giving back and this will explain a little bit about why.

As you would know most supporters of causes have their own story that connects them to why they do what they do, and Cloud9 Finance founder Kelly Childs is one of these people. Her own personal journey started back in 2003 when her daughter was born with a very rare syndrome called Kabuki Syndrome. Having a child with special needs has driven her passion for being an advocate for those who are vulnerable. When her son came along in 2010 it became apparent that it’s a difficult journey for the siblings of chronically ill kids who experience so many things that typical children don’t.

‘For the Love of Bryce’ is a charity supporting children and teens who are living with a sibling who has a life limiting illness or who’s receiving palliative care. Founders Stacey and Darrin lost their fifteen-year-old son in 2017 after a life long battle with illness. While continuing to work through this tragic loss they decided to support those that they could, the sibling who are often left to a childhood that can be lonely both socially and emotionally. Although this is something that occurs through circumstances these kids certainly have it tough and this charity has been able to bring light to their lives.

We look forward to continuing our support of For the Love of Bryce while they continue to go from strength to strength improving the lives of these children.

Our Giving Partner

Through this charity, siblings are given gift boxes filled with things to do while they’re waiting in hospital or at appointments with their brother or sister who’s receiving treatment. They are also provided ongoing support by giving them the opportunity to connect with other siblings. As they grow older needing to take a break and chat to others who can relate, For the Love of Bryce provides them with that opportunity. It’s just a small way to make them feel special and understood.

All donations are happily accepted

If you’d like to contribute to this amazing cause, please do so – every little bit counts.