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Whether you’re a first home buyer, looking to upsize or downsize, or maybe adding to your investment portfolio, our team can offer you a range of options from various lenders.

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Why do you need a home loan?

First home buyers’ loans

Buying your first home is one of the happiest moments of your life. But it can be scary too! With so many options available (and all that jargon you probably won’t understand), we help you wade through your choices to find a home loan that will fit into your lifestyle without leaving you struggling for every cent. We’ll also help you apply for the First Home Owner’s Grant (if you’re eligible).

refinancing OR UPGRADE LOANS

If you’ve outgrown your first home and it’s time to upgrade, we’ll help you find a home loan that will help you take this next step in your home owners’ journey. Did you know that if your current home loan is more than a few years old, you’re possibly wasting money with outdated non-competitive interest rates? Let’s look at your current loan to see if we can get you a better deal.

self-employed loans

These are a simple type of loan for people who have an income and assets but are  unable to provide the required financial documentation. These loans are based around the applicant declaring the income derived from their business, making these products the perfect option for people looking for self-employed home loans. The application process is different for ‘low doc’ home loans due to the lack of standard documents being provided.


If you’ve decided to get the home of your dreams by building, or you’ve planned major renovations on your existing home, a construction loan is what you’ll need. The loan structure is different to loans for purchasing existing properties.

Construction home loans are available for buying land and building, house and land packages, knock down and rebuild or if you’re adding additional rooms, making structural renovations or repairs. Construction loans are different in that they are paid out in progress payments at different stages of construction.

We specialise in Construction Loans and can hold your hand through the process.


Investment property loans are a little different to your average home loan, you want to make sure you’ve got the right loan for your investment plans.

To make the most of your asset and finance, and leverage the loan for tax reasons, you need it to be structured with the right interest/principle set up. But don’t stress – that’s what we’re here for.

We’ll work with your accountant and/or financial advisor to make sure your loan will meet your needs and maximise your returns.


An option popular with some Australians is a family pledge home loan. This can also be known as family guarantee home loans or guarantor home loan, these types of mortgages allow you to make up for a shortage in deposit funds by using the equity in a family member’s house as security on your loan. While it was once standard practice to guarantee the entire loan and put your home on the line, today the security on the new home loan can be split and you can limit your guarantee. Let us explain the options and what might work best for your situation.

The types of home loans you can secure

Basic home loans

A very simple loan that offers low ongoing interest rates, low or no ongoing fees and in most cases, a reduced or waived application fee.

Standard variable home loans

One of the most common home loans on the market with an interest rate that can go up or down during the loan.

Fixed rate home loans

Another common home loan where the interest rate is fixed for part, or all of the loan term usually restricting extra repayments and redraw.

100% offset home loans

A great way to pay off your home loan faster by reducing your interest payments using the money you have in an off-set account.

Equity home loans

An equity home loan is granted by looking at the difference between what you owe on your mortgage and the value of your home.

Line of credit home loans

A line of credit home loan works like a cheque account/credit card in that you can use your loan (up to a set limit) and repay as you choose.

Low doc home loans

Low doc home loans are perfect for people who are self-employed and may not have the ‘traditional’ paperwork to prove income.

Non-conforming home loans

Non-conforming home loans help people with credit history problems, a history of late repayments, or for those who don’t meet ‘big lender’ criteria.

Discount variable or honeymoon rate home loans

These types of home loans offer the new customer a discounted interest rate to draw you in but may only last for a little while.

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